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What’s wrong with the news?

A lot has been written about whats wrong with the MSM lately.  They’ve failed to respond to the fact that they no longer have a monopoly on how people get their news.  The rise of citizen journalism in the form of blogs, etc. is driving them out of business.  I agree with PZ Myers that the best way for the newspapers et al. to stay in business is to become what the bloggers can’t: professional.  Do real in-depth reporting, researching and fact-checking (OMG, do they need fact checking!)  Yes, i know it’ll be difficult.  They will actually have to become experts at a subject in order to fully report on it.  And yes, it’s going to be hard.  And yes, it’s going to take money, money that they probably don’t have now.  But people will pay for value, and newspapers need to provide that value to stay afloat.

Just look at the recent coverage of the economic crisis and the stimulus package passed by the Obama administration.  For the weeks that it was being debated, the MSM had almost no economists on their shows.  Instead they just had a bunch of (mostly republican) talking heads.  This isn’t journalism.  It’s entertainment, and thats not what people want out of their news organizations (I hope.)  They need to remember why it is that they’re called the fourth estate.  They can do things that blogs will never be able to do.  I think the best way I can say it is that they’re supposed to be journalists.  Not news men, not reporters, but journalists.  Live up to the title.


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