How A Great Product Can Be Bad News: Apple, iPad, and the Closed Mac

January 27, 2010 at 1:53 pm Leave a comment

You should read this post. It sums up my feelings about the iPad (and Apple) quite nicely. I would just add one thing. The author brings up the inevitable gripes about how “This product isn’t meant for you” and I’ll just throw my two cents in there:

Yes, “people” don’t care about computers. They just want to consume their media and surf the internet. But, they do care, in the same sense that they care about their white blood cells. Sure, on any given day they don’t care, they probably don’t want to hear about them, and they almost certainly forgot everything they learned about them. But white blood cells keep them alive and allow them to go about their lives. Which i’m pretty sure they care about. Similarly, all those great things the iPad does, it does because of the openness of the internet and computers. There would be no iTunes without mp3 and napster. There would be no internet to surf without html and linux.

So to say that it doesn’t matter that the iPad is a closed system it to miss the point. Open systems are important, even if most people don’t care about them.


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